The Body Part You Wash First While Bathing Reveals Your Personality

Depending on whether you first wash your hair, face, shoulders, talk about your character

Scientists have found that what first washed in the shower actually reflects our character.

1. If you wash your Hair first

If your head or hair is the part of your body you wash first in the shower, you are a person who likes discipline and order. The topmost part of your body generally denotes strength and washing it first indicates that you have a firm opinion about everything and you believe in being practical. You also manage time very well and are known for your punctuality. You often put brains above wealth when choosing your friends.

2. If you wash your Chest first

If you wash the chest-area first, you are very comfortable in your own skin. You have an alpha personality type which means you are independent and very clear with your approach in life. You do not beat around the bush.

3. If you wash your Armpits first

If you tend to wash your armpits first, you are very popular in social circles and your friends adore you. You are known to stand by your friends in good and bad times. You are a soft-hearted person, who doesn’t know the concept of grey. You love in extremes which means you either love someone completely or you hate them altogether.

4. If you wash your Face first

If you wash your face first, you are basically tending to all the 5 senses — smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing. It means you are very concerned about how you are perceived, and thus want to take the utmost care of what is noticed first by others — the face.

You are always anxious about what others think of you and at times, get frustrated or stressed and might feel embarrassed too. It is hard for these people to hear bad things about themselves.

5. If you wash your Shoulders/Neck first

Are you an overachiever? If so, you might wash your shoulders and neck first while bathing. You are a go-getter, who believes in aiming for the moon, not the stars. You believe that hard work will get you wherever you want to be in your life but you still carry the burden of your dreams on your shoulders all the time. You are also known to be extremely competitive and want to be a step ahead of everyone.

6. If you wash your arms or legs first

If you are among those who pay attention to their feet first, you can call yourself a humble and down to earth person. However, there is another side to this. Arms or legs are also the symbols of strength and willpower. Thus, washing them first indicates that you have no fear of expressing your choices. You either hate something or love it.

If you tend to wash your armpits first, you are most likely popular in your social circles as a reliable and trustworthy person. You are also the one who isn’t afraid of hard work.

7. If you wash your privates first

If you wash your private parts first, you are probably a very shy person. You can call yourself an introvert, or the one with low self-esteem. You are not given much attention in social groups, however, those who know you closely will say you’re the most genuine person on earth. You struggle hard taking your stand and might give up often, but you can make those close to you feel comfortable in your company.

8. Other

Those who first wash “other” parts of the body have their own values, but others are sometimes difficult to understand. Deep inside you are a very good person with little flaw. It’s time to start living with a little more adventurous spirit. Present your potentials to others. The key to improving relations with others is emphasizing the quality of their own, and not merely hide flaws. In love you are passionate and intuitive in imagination, in practice, the fear of failure sometimes prevents you from relaxing. Work on your inner development and all your potential will come to fruition! Your ideal partner is “face”.